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Adaptive Gymnastics Requirements


At Indy Stars Gymnastics we are so excited to be starting the new adaptive gymnastics program. The reason for our evaluations for new gymnasts so that we can best help each child succeed and so that we know what types of adaptions we need to assist with. As our program grows, so will the opportunities for our gymnasts. 


For the safety and success of each child, we do require that a medical form be filled out and brought to the gym at the time of evaluation. The medical form must be completed by a licensed medical professional. If you have further questions regarding this form, please contact the staff. The form can be found here. An evaluation will not be performed if the medical form is not completed. 




For your child to participate in the adaptive gymnastics program at IndyStars Gymnastics, you, the parent must be present for the entire duration of the evaluation and classes. If your child requires adaptive equipment such as a wheelchair, we ask that the wheels be wiped down before going on the gymnastics mat. If your child does require braces and outside shoes for stability and safety, we also ask that the shoes are wiped down before they are allowed onto the gymnastics mat. If your child has specific modifications, or needs, these will be discussed at the evaluation.

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