Whether your child's interest is to learn exciting new skills, become a competitive gymnast, or improve tumbling skills to try out for cheerleading Indy Stars gymnastics has something for you.


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What to wear?

Athletes are encouraged to wear leotards but not required. No, loose fitting clothing (so it does not get caught on any equipment). Midriff must be covered. If your athlete has long hair, please have pulled back. We remove shoes and socks before they begin class. 

What if you know you will be absent?

If you know your athlete will be  absent please let us know in advance.


What is your Covid-19 Protocol?

All athletes are required to wear masks. At this time one parent/guardian are able to watch their athlete. 

We are following all current CDC guidelines to protect our athletes and our staff.


What are Makeup Classes?

We allow one make up per every eight weeks. Make ups are to be scheduled in advance and used in current session the athlete is enrolled in.

What class should my gymnast participate in?


If your gymnasts has never been in gymnastics before we encourage to start with our Beginner Class. If your gymnast has some experience, check out our class descriptions or call our front desk and we can help assist the best class for your gymnast.