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We are Debbie and Gregg Hamby. We began Indy Stars Gymnastics November 3, 2015. We have two two children, our daughter is currently an optional level gymnast. We have been involved with gymnastics since she began taking classes, some 18 years ago.

Our goal at Indy Stars is to promote a family friendly environment and provide coaches for each child who are excellent in their teaching discipline and exemplary in their conduct and caring for children.  We all at Indy Stars count it a privilege to serve you.

Besides the above, we value and seek to foster a culture of good communication between parents (other loved ones),coaches and of course, ourselves.  We value your feedback and will do our utmost to provide you honest and complete information about your child's progress.

Having worked many years with children with special needs, we plan to incorporate a nonprofit arm to our business and make gymnastics available  for children of all abilities. This is in keeping with our Mission Statement: To provide a gym where children of all abilities can come and achieve excellence in a comprehensive program of recreational and competitive gymnastics, cheer, tumbling and dance; a place where children can thrive and reach for the stars, realizing their dreams and attaining their personal best.


Debbie & Gregg Hamby

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