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Payment Information
Payment information is required to be on file for each family. *No refunds, a credit will be applied to ISG account.  Payment options are as follows:


Automatic payment from checking account or Credit Card on file

Registration Fee
The yearly registration fee is $45 and is non-refundable. Registration fees are paid at the time of initial enrollment and due that same month the following year.

All students and adults participating in a class must have a current waiver completed in Indy Stars Gymnastics database.

Tuition for Preschool and Recreational Classes is based on the 8-week session. Tuition for classes is collected at the beginning of the session, not automatic registration from each session


Once you enroll the class starts immediately. Spots for classes cannot be held without payment. Check out our Billing Authorization waiver for more information about billing.


Shooting Stars and Super Novas payment is processed the first of the month. If we do not receive payment automatically we will process payment with credit card on file the third of the month. 

10% discount for multiple students in a family or 1 child enrolled in multiple classes.


Make Ups
We allow one make up per every eight weeks. (must be enrolled to do a make up. Make ups are to be scheduled in advance


Withdrawing Monthly Payments 
A written email is required to be sent to by the 24th of the month to stop for the next month.

*Non refundable $25 processing fee

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